Norwegian Cruise Line CEO announces end to all COVID requirements: It's a 'hindrance to business'

Norwegian saw an instant increase in business when the COVID vaccine requirement was lifted, Del Rio said

Norwegian Cruise Line president and CEO Frank Del Rio announced Thursday that the cruise company has eliminated all COVID-19 vaccination and masking protocols, telling "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" that, due to the high vaccination status of its passengers, they are not seeing many cases on board.

FRANK DEL RIO: COVID today is not what it was two years ago. Society has spoken and has determined we want to get back to normal. I think that having any kind of protocol today is a hindrance to business. We are all in a hurry to get back to business as normal, we are making great strides, and we think the last move we could make to facilitate that back to normalcy is removing all the protocols. 


We saw an instant increase in business back in early August when we lifted the requirement that you had to be vaccinated and this past Monday we lifted the last of the COVID protocols which said, "if you are not vaccinated you had to test." It is early to tell what impact that had this week, it is not a normal week with the holiday and so forth. Look, business is strong, we just finished an investor event aboard our brand-new ship Prima. Let me tell you what I told the investor community this morning. Based on our bookings today 2023 will be a record year in EBITA, and it will be a record year in pricing.