North Korea's Olympic charm-fest appears to have succeeded: Varney

Kim Jong Un's little sister has returned to North Korea and you'd think she won a major victory.

The North Korean cheerleaders have done their thing, they got a lot of attention. In short, North Korea's charm-fest, if that’s what it’s called, appears to have succeeded. The media tried to shift the North Korea image from aggressive, dangerous militarism, to a softer brand.

Little attention was paid to just who the little sister actually is. She is in charge of propaganda and agitation for a murderous regime! She whitewashes one of the world's most repressive governments. She's a Joseph Goebbels.

Now listen to this from CNN: "With a smile, a handshake and a warm message Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public seen by some as her brother's answer to Ivanka Trump.” Oh dear.

America's top representative to the games is Vice President Mike Pence. He understands the nature of the North Korean regime. He spent time with people who defected. He listened to their stories of torture and the horror of modern-day concentration camps. The media, largely ignored him.

There are consequences to the deliberate softening of the North Korea image. America will be portrayed as the aggressor. If we don't follow up on the North's so-called “outreach,” we are the warmongers.

Dangerous stuff. Let’s not forget, Kim Jong Un has directly threatened America with a nuclear attack. He staged a giant military parade right before the games began. And, he is demanding the return of those defectors: They face certain, horrific death.

For a long time we've hoped our media would take a more objective view of what's going on here and abroad. It’s not happening. The left is clearly prepared to continue its contempt for all things Trump, even going so far as to fall in line with the North's propaganda. They ignore Mike Pence and his powerful stand for human rights, and promote the propaganda queen herself. Hate to say it, but the media gave the North Koreans a win.