North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will eliminate any potential threats, CIA analyst says

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North Korean leader eliminates anyone who poses a threat: fmr. CIA analyst

Former CIA analyst specializing in North Korea and Former Goldman Sachs Senior Partner Peter Kiernan on whether China can impose sanctions on North Korea.

Sue Mi Terry, former CIA analyst specializing in North Korea, on Wednesday explained why a coup won’t be possible in North Korea and how China is handling sanctions on the communist regime.

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“I don’t think that a coup is a possibility right now. He’s been getting rid of everybody who can pose a threat. He got rid of his half-brother; he killed him in an international airport,” she told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

Terry also discussed why the Trump administration shouldn’t expect China to enforce the sanctions they put on North Korea.

“China has been stringing us along for years…This happened under Clinton, Obama administration also tried to get China to do more and Bush and everybody tried. This is a long running theme and China hasn’t been playing ball. They are not enforcing sanctions on the ground,” she said.

The former CIA analyst believes the only way China is going to be tougher on North Korea is if they feel there might be a military conflict with the United States.

Terry also discussed how the Trump administration should respond to China’s lack of aggression towards North Korea.

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“I think what the Trump administration next is going to do is probably push the secondary sanctions against Chinese banks and entities that do illicit business with North Korea,” she said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis will host Chinese leaders on the Wednesday to discuss the problem of North Korea.

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