North Korea, US could go to war over missile launch, Gen. Jack Keane says

Retired Gen. Jack Keane believes a war would break out if North Korea launched a nuclear missile at the United States.

“We will take action before they would launch a missile like that … That’s the worst scenario because that means war with North Korea and horrific casualties in South Korea to be sure, and that’s why we have given the Chinese a lot of leeway here to see if they can come through with a sanction program,” he told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald, adding, “What has got us so concerned here … is the acceleration of this program [North Korea’s nuclear program], which Kim Jong-un has really put on fast forward. And secondly, the absolute explosive reckless rhetoric associated with what his intentions are to do with a ballistic missile that’s nuclearized.”

Keane also discussed the death of Otto Warmbier, an American student held in North Korea for 17 months, who passed away Monday.

“They murdered him for certain … this outcome was not what they intended. They normally torture our people that they are holding, but we normally get them back because they use them as bargaining chips—that’s the reason that they take these hostages,” he said.