North Korea threats should not divide Democrats and Republicans: Varney

We've not seen anything like this before. North Korea has directly threatened America.

It’s a rogue state. Reportedly, it has developed a compact nuclear weapon that fits onto a missile capable of hitting the American mainland. And North Korea’s leader has publicly warned he has plans to attack. In the nuclear era, this is unique.

And we have a brand new president. His first response matched the rhetoric of Kim Jong-Un..." fire and fury, the likes of which the world has never seen before.”

The stakes could not be higher. Previous presidents tried diplomacy. It failed.

China is in part responsible for this, North Korea is their client state. They had better be part of the fix.

Japan is watching...They could go nuclear very quickly, and add yet another Asian state to the nuclear club: Pakistan, India, China, North Japan?

But it is President Trump who is very much in the spotlight. This crisis is not of his making, but it is his crisis to deal with. No president can sit back and do nothing when a rogue nuclear power directly and publicly threatens the United States. Can't walk away from it. Can't kick the can down the road.

This is crunch time. Democrats and Republicans should not let the North Koreans divide us. They would exploit any opening. Unite around the president, no matter what you think of his tone or style.

President Trump needs the support of the country, because it is all of the whole country that is threatened.

One more time: On this day in 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. It was the last time a nuclear weapon was used on the battlefield.