North Korea may have detained a fourth American: Gordon Chang

Pyongyang faces mounting pressure to release three Americans detained in North Korea following reports the detainees could be freed in connection with the historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Gordon Chang, ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ author, on Friday told FOX Business there may be another American being held captive.

“There may be a fourth American in North Korea, a guy named David Sneddon,” Chang told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” “It’s not entirely clear that he’s there but we should get from the Kim folks -- we need to know, are they holding him? We need a statement from them.”

David Sneddon, a student at Brigham Young University, disappeared in China in 2004. His parents told Fox News last year he may have been kidnapped by North Korean agents to possibly help teach English.

While the status of the three Americans detained remains unclear, Rudy Giuliani, a new member of Trump’s legal team, told Fox News on Thursday that Kim was “impressed enough” with Trump and that the release would happen within a day.

However, the White House would not confirm whether a deal had been finalized.

Even so, Chang added that it’s a good sign they are “even thinking now of releasing these guys.”

In a tweet late Wednesday Trump implied there soon may be an update on the three Americans.