North Korea is starting to “blink” over UN sanctions, Rebecca Grant says

North Korean President Kim Jong-un is starting to “blink” over the U.N. sanctions and the U.S. military pressure, said Iris Independent Research President Rebecca Grant.

On Saturday, Kim said his goal was to reach an “equilibrium” of military force with the United States, the KCNA news agency quoted him saying.

“It’s new that we’re hearing he has a goal,” Grant told FOX Business’ Charles Payne on “Making Money with Charles Payne.” “He’s always said he wants a nuclear weapon, he wants to be part of that club.”

But the Hermit Kingdom leader’s comment that he doesn’t want to hear anymore threats from the U.S. could indicate weakness. A month ago, Trump threatened the country with “fire and fury” – some of the strongest words that a president has said about North Korea.

“This is good,” Grant said. “That means we are really getting to him. I think he might be starting to blink, so we need to keep that military pressure on and let the U.N. keep working those sanctions.”

The United Nations slapped North Korea with some of the toughest sanctions yet early this week for its increasingly antagonistic nuclear tests. U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley told reporters during a White House press conference on Friday that she believes sanctions will ultimately paralyze the North’s economy.

“We’ve strangled their economic situation at this point,” she said.

Grant believes at the end of the day, North Korea will come to the negotiating table with the U.S.

“I see this ending at the negotiating table. It might take us another couple of months. There is I think a chance of some limited military action,” she said.