North Korea is desperate to avoid military conflict: Author Michael Malice

President Trump’s national security advisor, Gen. H.R. McMaster, says that military alternatives are on the table in dealing with the mounting nuclear threat from North Korea.

But when asked how North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would respond if the U.S. shot down one of the missile tests North Korea has been conducting, “Dear Reader” author Michael Malice told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “Despite what a lot of people have been saying, they [North Korea] are desperate to avoid military conflict.”

When Varney said, “That’s not what we’ve been hearing,” Malice responded, “Of course, because they want to make the claim in the press that ‘oh, we’re crazy, we welcome an attack, you know, bring it on.’ But meanwhile if you go there and you read their literature, they know full well that they’re not capable of surviving an attack, that it would be devastating for North Korea.”

Despite perceptions from the outside world, Malice says the North Korean leadership is actually quite rational.

“They are not crazy in the slightest, they are pure evil and as I described in my book this has been a decades-long process to maintain their hold on power. They’ve outlasted everyone except for Cuba, so clearly if they’re irrational they’re doing something wrong about being irrational because they’re logical.”