Nike ad for Kaepernick worn at Emmys by Black-ish star 'degrading': Joy Villa

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Hollywood elitists are not America: Joy Villa

Singer Joy Villa sounds off on the Hollywood stars that got political on the Emmys red carpet with Nike and anti-Kavanaugh statements.

The red carpet is a place where Hollywood stars have a chance to shine with glamorous outfits, but on Monday night during the 2018 Emmy Awards it was an opportunity to make a political statement.

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"Black-ish" star Jennifer Lewis, swapped a beautiful gown for a red and black Nike sweatshirt to show her support for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Actress and “Women’s March” organizer Sarah Sophie Flicker, whose husband Jesse Peretz was nominated for his work on the Netflix series “Glow,” also appeared on the red carpet with “stop Kavanaugh” written on her arm.

However, singer Joy Villa, who stole the show on the Grammy’s red carpet in 2017 after wearing a tribute dress for President Trump, described the show as “boring” and “disgusting” and said that most Americans can’t relate to the rhetoric.

“It is really stupid. They can’t even get beautiful with what they are doing. When they protest they get ugly. They get degraded,” Villa said during an appearance on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday. “Wearing a Nike sweatshirt, drawing with a sharpie on your arm, scribbling, that’s not aesthetic, that’s not beautiful, that’s not what the red carpet was made for. If you have something to take up then do it in a message that’s beautiful.”

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Meanwhile, tensions between actor Tom Arnold and “Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett supposedly turned into a physical altercation on Sunday evening before the Emmys during a preparty. Trump hosted the reality talent game show for its first 14 seasons. According to Villa, Arnold also lashed out at her on Twitter.

“I mean Tom Arnold — we saw that he attacked Mark Burnett, the “Apprentice” star, at the after-party of the Emmys.

"And he’s insane, he’s making a career out of hating the president,” she said. “He’s attacked me on Twitter multiple times for being black, being conservative and being a woman. So this is Hollywood now but this is not America.”

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