Nigel Farage: The World Could Be in For a Shock

It’s beginning to look a lot like Brexit, according to former U.K. Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage. During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., Farage said, “all the smart money” is on Hillary Clinton winning the presidency.

“It feels just like Brexit day to me. All the smart money, all the commentators, all the foreign exchange dealers, the bookmakers, they all think that Hillary is going to do it. And yet even those opinion polls conducted by conventional companies who find it very difficult to reach non-voters who are entering the process, even they show it as being so close, as to be within the margin of error. We did it on Brexit day because a lot of people who don’t normally vote were motivated to get down to those polling stations and to do their stuff,” he said.

However, Farage said Donald Trump shouldn’t be counted out.

“Trump’s got it all to do, he’s got to win these swing states. He’s got to win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida -- I get that. And yet I have a feeling that the world can be in for a very big shock tomorrow morning,” he said.

Like Brexit, Farage said the election will be determined by voter turnout.

“What was amazing about the Sunderland result wasn’t just the margin of victory for leave, it was the turnout. It was the fact that we were up near 80% turnout, something like 20% higher than we’ve been in the general election in the year before,” he said.

Farage added: “Brexit has not had a negative effect on the U.K. economy and anyone that thinks that Trump is going to be bad for America and bad for business clearly isn’t looking…I think after a few weeks, after a Trump victory, there will be a lot of commentators on Wall Street looking pretty stupid.”