New Dana Loesch book teaches kids the value of the right to keep and bear arms

Loesch says the book presents the need for self-defense 'in a fun way that kids will enjoy'

Former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has written a fun yet compelling children's book about the right to keep and bear arms, and Army veteran Graham Allen has written a book about the value of always telling the truth. 

Brave Books is releasing these two new books just in time for Christmas, and it has a special promotion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

"With Paws off My Cannon, we’re teaching the next generation to value the right to bear arms," Loesch told FOX Business. She said the book is "not just a platform for a political argument. It represents the need for self-defense in a fun way that kids will enjoy."

"Paws off My Cannon" tells the story of Bongo, a gorilla who loves cupcakes. Yet when hyenas, armed with coconut cannons, come to steal the cupcakes, Bongo has to use a cannon of his own to chase them away. Half of the town wants to ban cannons, but Bongo insists on keeping his, and his heroism saves the day.

Paws Off My Cannon

"Paws Off My Cannon" Image courtesy of Brave Books (BRAVE Books)

"Bongo embodies the type of character that everyone wants to cultivate in their children," Loesch said. "He is genuinely concerned about protecting everyone in his town, even those who disagree with him."


"We’re stressing the villainy of using anything to harm another person and the heroism of defending the innocent, no matter how lethal or laughable the weapon is," she added. 

Loesch said her book is particularly important in America's current cultural climate.

She noted rising rates of violent crime across the country and the riots of summer 2020. "We’ve seen rioting, looting, and assault — even murder — go unchecked," she argued. She warned that "coddling criminals and reducing deterrents… tears our nation apart at the seams and people live in fear. When we respond to threats by removing the best way for us to defend ourselves, it only creates more chaos and violence."

"The truth is, guns are the safest and most effective tool we can use to protect and defend ourselves and our families," Loesch says in a promotional video for the book. "Taking guns away from the good guys doesn't take guns away from the bad guys."

Dana Loesch and "Paws Off My Cannon." Image courtesy of Brave Books (BRAVE Books)

Brave Books is also releasing "Son of Truth," written by Graham Allen. Allen served in the U.S. Army for more than 12 years, has launched numerous radio programs, and is running for U.S. Congress in South Carolina.

His book tells the story of Valor, a tiger with a weighty secret. Valor works hard to lead the cadets and become Top Commander at Shivermore Warrior Academy, but he must choose between his dream and holding fast to the truth. 


"In my book, we show that Valor did what he knew was right—he told the truth—and he accepted the outcome, no matter how unfair it was," Allen told FOX Business.

Son of Truth

"Son of Truth" Image courtesy of Brave Books (BRAVE Books)

"In American society today, we see an urge to protect peoples’ feelings," he noted. "Sometimes, of course, this is a good impulse that brings greater unity and compassion. But we should never elevate feelings so high that we sacrifice the truth."

Allen said he drew inspiration from America's founders. "The Founding Fathers were determined to fight for justice despite the odds," he said. "They did the hard thing and spoke out, even when others didn’t want to hear it. That’s the character we want to cultivate in our readers."

In a video promoting the book, Allen declares that "the world we live in is built on a foundation of lies," citing President Biden and the bias of the legacy media. He says he wants to raise his kids to value honesty and integrity, traits that he says are sorely lacking in a society that puts feelings over facts. 

Graham Allen Son of Truth

Graham Allen and "Son of Truth." Image courtesy of Brave Books (BRAVE Books)

BRAVE Books told FOX Business that "BRAVE" stands for the 5 main characters: Bongo, Rebel, Asher, Valor, and Eva. Ashley St. Clair wrote "Elephants Are Not Birds," addressing gender.

 Elizabeth Johnston wrote "Little Lives Matter," addressing the sanctity of life. Jack Posobiec wrote "The Island of Free Ice Cream," showing the dangers of communism. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, wrote "Fame Blame and the Raft of Shame" about cancel culture. The Hodgetwins wrote "More Than Spots and Stripes," inoculating kids against critical race theory.

"Paws off My Cannon" and "Son of Truth" wind out the origins, finishing the groundwork for more books in the series.


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