Neil Bush: If Trump Reflects NY Values, I Feel Bad for the State


Neil Bush: I have a great deal of angst about Donald Trump

Cruz national finance team member Neil Bush on Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and the presidential race.

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast on Wednesday, Neil Bush said if Republican frontrunner and business mogul Donald Trump is a reflection of New York values, then he feels bad for the state.

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“I feel sorry for New York because New York isn’t bullying, it isn’t arrogant, it isn’t narcissistic,” Bush said.

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The brother of President George W. Bush and former GOP presidential contender and Florida Governor Jeb Bush said in no uncertain terms would he be supporting Trump should he win the Republican Party’s nomination.

“Mark my words: I will not take the 'hail Trump' deal and march blindly into the abyss,” Bush said. “There’s no one that has ever been so value-less.”

Bush, who serves on Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s national finance committee, said Trump has alienated many in the Republican Party and predicts if the businessman does in fact become the GOP’s nominee, he would lose “disastrously” to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a general election.

He went on to explain that Trump, a so-called master of deal making, has pulled the wool over the American voter’s eyes, and has done nothing but try to game the political system for his own benefit.

“Here’s a guy who understood the bankruptcy laws well enough to work to his own benefit to file bankruptcy four times to avoid paying debts, causing great harm to many families. Here’s a guy audacious enough to say he understands the political system well enough that he rigged the system by giving donations to people with the expectation of something in return,” Bush said.

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