Murray Energy CEO: Coal Workers Don't Want Clinton's Welfare, They Want Jobs

Murray Energy Founder and CEO Bob Murray weighed in Thursday on what the challenging political environment for the coal industry means for coal companies, workers and consumers across the country.

“It’s disastrous, and it’s disastrous for every American. Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue the destructive policies relative to energy of the Obama Administration,” Murray told the FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith.

On Hillary Clinton’s claims that her comments on the coal industry were taken out of context, Murray said,“Hillary Clinton is untruthful there, she said it, and this past weekend Bill Clinton said ‘she will do what she says she wants to do.’ She has destroyed so many lives. Obama’s policies will continue, it will drive electric rates in this country up by $300 billion.”

Murray then discussed what he hopes would change under the next presidential administration.

“Number one we must stop the regulatory rampage of the Obama Administration,” Murray continued, “the use of natural gas has affected the use of coal somewhat but it is primarily the Obama Administration regulations which Hillary said she will continue,” said Murray.

Murray also talked about the impact of regulations on workers in the coal industry.

“This entire matter is a human issue to me, I know the names of the coal miners and their families whose lives are being destroyed. And I can say Sandra, they don’t want Hillary Clinton’s welfare, or Sanders’ welfare; They want jobs.  And they have destroyed the lives of these people who I know by name, these are very evil people,” Murray said.

On whether a potential Donald Trump administration would be a positive for the coal industry, Murray said, “I really hope so, he has indicated that he will be. He must be if this country is going to remain strong and if we’re going to have stable supplies of electricity.”