Mueller needs to put up or shut up: Kennedy

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Should Mueller conclude his Russia investigation?

FBN’s Kennedy on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation.

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to let the sucker-covered tentacle of unrestrained government probe? With the gossip, intrigue and leaks falling out of the Mueller probe like road apples from an old plow horse, it's easy to lose sight of an unconstrained investigation.

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With the accusation this weekend the special counsel's office may have inappropriately gathered tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition team, it's time to ask how far are we willing to let the investigation go, and to what end?

Robert Mueller has minimal oversight and maximal funding to pilot his nebulous death star as long and wide as it takes to bring down the president. The question isn't whether the most powerful postion in the world needs confining. That's obvious and was addressed when the Constitution was born. The fear is now that Mueller and his team are disregarding that baby to silence a political enemy.

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If the government is in fact overreaching, we have to be mindful of slapping its hand so it doesn't reach in and compromise our rights, safety and privacy in the future. This goes for the special counsel, the president and all federal agencies who already have way too much power and insight.

Did the president or his team break the law and actually compromise national security, or do his annoying temperament and impulsive fits embarrass his foes to the point they feel they need to overturn his ascendance in order to save face?

In this political blood sport, it's too easy to laugh off the confines of the Fourth Amendment if the first aim is to depose a buffoon. If the president did something wrong, go after him. If he rubs you the wrong way, you don't get to take extra legal means and your old sweet time to make it right. Put up or shut up, and if you don't have the goods, lock it up, Mueller.

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