Mother of Dead Cop: Illegal Immigration Putting Americans at Risk

Mary Ann Mendoza is the mother of Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, who was killed by an illegal immigrant in a drunk-driving accident. She responded Tuesday to illegal immigrant Astrid Silva’s plea at the Democratic National Convention to stay in America.

“It’s their agenda to make people feel sorry and have sob stories like this but that’s all they’re going to get out of the story.” Mendoza continued, “I am separated from my son permanently and I’m an American citizen. I’ve been paying taxes all of my life and when you have a politician who cares more about illegal families being ripped apart, more than she cares about American families having their loved ones killed by illegals, it’s disgusting to me.”

Mendoza then explained the financial impact of illegal immigration on U.S. taxpayers.

“And these Dreamers, they’re going to get $6,000 a year to attend college which is going to cost the taxpayers $6.2 billion a year. And once they have attended two years of college they will be granted permanent legal status in our country,” Mendoza told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney

Mendoza explained that the illegal immigrant that killed her son was also killed in the accident.

“Well, he was killed in the accident also. And I have been spared having to watch him just be released from jail like so many other American families, thousands of American families who have been affected by illegal crime. They have had to watch the person who killed their child or their loved one not serve their whole sentence, not be deported to Mexico.”

Mendoza then said the illegal immigrant that killed her son, “was driving three times the legal limit drunk, high on meth.”

Mendoza raised concerns that illegal immigration is putting Americans at risk.

“I know that there are good people. My son worked in the area of Mesa, Arizona – he worked with a lot of illegals and I do have compassion for people who don’t break the law. My main concern is the criminal element in our country.”