Mnuchin: Trump’s Democrat deal on Harvey, debt ceiling clears way for tax reform

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told FOX Business on Thursday that President Trump’s deal with Democrats on Hurricane Harvey aid and the debt limit clears the way for tax reform.

“We have the funding for Harvey, we are focused on tax reform, that’s going to be the big priority for the next 90 days. We are going to work with the two committees on that and get that down to the floor so we can have a bill passed for the president to sign,” Mnuchin told Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria.

Despite a packed congressional agenda and just a few short months until the end of the legislative year, Mnuchin said tax reform is still “viable” in 2017.

“There’s a lot that’s done. The major blueprint has been outlined. It’s going to go to the committees, the committees will add to different parts of this, but we have a path to get this done this year,” he said.

And yet, divisions within the Republican Party could further delay reform as the Freedom Caucus will reportedly announce their own tax plan within the next couple of days. But Mnuchin said he was planning to meet with members on Thursday and anticipates no intent on a separate plan.

“There’s one plan, it will be debated. The committees can add what they want and it will go through. So this is something that the members will have the opportunity to make changes, but we are very optimistic about getting tax reform done,” he said.