Miss Wisconsin USA 2005: Not The Trump I Know

Donald Trump’s campaign has been on the defensive due to backlash over the now infamous “Access Hollywood” footage from 2005, and allegations of sexual assault against the Republican presidential candidate; the latter of which the Trump campaign called a ‘coordinated character assassination’ in a recent statement.

Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, Melissa Young, met Donald Trump during the pageant in 2005. Young, who is struggling with an incurable illness, said Trump has supported her during her most difficult times.

Her experience with the candidate makes her question the sexual assault allegations and the accusers’ suspicious timing.

“I find them to be I mean really absurd, disgusting and frankly I think they’re opportunistic.  I mean, I have to question, why now? Why now? I mean we’re talking some of these things from decades ago and I find it to be like now we’re a few weeks out from the election, we’re a few weeks out from the election and now all these things are surfacing. I have never heard of anything like this before. I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” Young told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

When asked whether she believed the accusers, Young responded, “I have to say, I question it and I don’t find it to be credible.”

Young explained that the Donald Trump she has known for many years is quite different from the person that has been portrayed in the media as of late.

“I’ve had moments with Mr. Trump that I’ve never ever spoken about, private moments. And also, you know, at the pageant, competing at Miss USA in 2005, he was nothing but an absolute gentleman.”

To further exemplify her point, Young recounted a recent encounter at a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“He was leaving the rally, it was late at night and his Secret Service was helping him get out to the car and they have to keep moving, he can’t stop. He looks over and notices that I’m freezing cold and goes to remove his long black jacket from his body to hand to Secret Service to put over me,” Young continued, “I guess I can say it this way, he gave me the coat off his back, that is the Mr. Trump that I know.”