Mike Pence's Nephew Already Eyeing 2020 Re-Election

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Mike Pence's nephew says Trump/Pence already eyeing 2020!

John Pence, Vice President Mike Pence's nephew, is leading their 2020 reelection campaign already. Inside the team's top priority ahead of Inauguration day.

The presidential inauguration is less than 24 hours away, but President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence are already eyeing a second term in 2020.

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"As we reevaluate that historic victory that just occurred in November, we want to make sure everything is running as efficient as possible," says John Pence, nephew of Mike Pence and deputy executive director for Trump's presidential campaign.

A 27-year-old lawyer, Pence says his new role is an exciting one.

"I think of this as the startup phase. We are thinking of who are the directors, who are the officers of this company going to be? How are we going to formulate the vision, the purpose of the corporation?" says Pence.

The inauguration is top priority, with a focus on merchandise. The campaign got an exclusive license to print the official inaugural seal on any Trump/Pence swag.

"All of the official merchandise produced at the inauguration is actually produced by and for the benefit of the campaign," says Pence.

He adds that a major goal of the campaign is to help the American people beter understand the Trump and Pence families.

"Uncle Mike has always been Uncle Mike," jokes Pence.

"We are a really close family but this has brought us even closer."

Be sure to watch John Pence's full interview above.

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