Michael Avenatti is a more shameful, losing version of Jose Baez: Kennedy

Who is Michael Avenatti? A slightly more shameful, losing version of Jose Baez. Both ubiquitous and slimy, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is such a fame "hoo-a" he makes her strip club appearances look like Amish garden parties. The balding law tart has made a staggering 174 media appearances over the last 10 weeks, 74 of them on CNN alone. By comparison, over a comparable 10-week period CNN only showed then-candidate Trump 30 times and Bernie Sanders a paltry 18.

CNN and MSNBC aren't exploiting him because they think he's a swell guy and a modern day Robin Hood, they delight in the ferocity he goes after the president and hope he somehow yields an impeachment.

Avenatti is both desperate for media coverage and thin-skinned.

He maintains he has legal and moral authority to disseminate Michael Cohen’s illegally obtained bank records, but at the same time grouses when someone points to public legal documents that show he not only ran a great coffee company into the ground, he apparently also stiffed the IRS, then lied about it. He also called a reporter the a-hole word who pointed out the Daniels case is far from a slam dunk, a reporter who was expressing his First Amendment right, the very one Avenatti claims to be using about leaking Cohen's bank statements.

Like Milli Vanilli and acid washed hot pants, this Avenatti moment is a painful, passing one we will look back on and make fun of. He is an inconsequential boob whose predictable, car wreck chicanery will soon be a punchline when the oxygen in his gas chamber finally runs out.

He and the Mooch supposedly have a TV show they're pitching, and one can only hope rational development executives deprive him of it.