Media's blatant contempt for Trump is costing you money: Varney

As President Trump scores a major win with tax cuts and economic growth, the media's blatant contempt for him is glaringly obvious. And it is costing you money.

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On Friday, ABC News put out a report which, if true, would have opened the door to impeachment. There was an immediate stock sell-off. The Dow dropped 350 points. We watched it fall on this program, but the report was inaccurate. It wasn't true. The reporter, Brian Ross, had rushed his fake news onto the air because he wanted to lead the impeachment charge. Some investors lost money; the president wants a lawsuit.

Fast forward to this morning, and what you see is an all-out attempt to squelch the news of the president's win. Divert attention.

CNBC breathlessly reports that democrats are "building the case" for an obstruction of justice charge. Because the president fired Comey!

On ABC, George Stephanopoulos angrily asks Senator McConnell, "Is the government going to shut down?"

The headline in The Washington Post: "Trump lawyer says president knew Flynn had given the FBI the same account he gave to vice president.” What? That’s your lead!

No mention of Peter Strzok, the top FBI agent who played a key role in the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation and Hillary's email investigation. Now we find he's a Trump hater. The Mueller probe is hopelessly politicized, but the media doesn't care. They are on the same, political, Trump-hating side!

I've been reporting the news on TV in America for more than 40 years, and I've never seen anything like this—it amounts to a betrayal. A betrayal of the public trust. The media has become an anti-Trump propaganda machine.

It’s not working terribly well. We are getting tax cuts. The economy is growing and will grow faster next year. Well-paid jobs are coming back. And guess what: The president's approval rating is going up. The good sense of the American people shines through. The media stews in hate and contempt!