Media ignores success of Trump economy: Varney

We knew the media was politically biased against President Trump. Now we know how far they'll go to play with the facts.

Case in point: Monday’s 1,100-point drop for the Dow. Yes, it was a shock, especially that one hour period when the Dow lost 1,000 points. The network evening news broadcasts played it big. ABC, CBS and NBC combined, devoted nearly 10 minutes to the story. They stated the facts of the sell-off, and then came the spin. They associated the sell-off with the president. He's taken credit for the huge rally, so, they reasoned, he must take responsibility for the sell-off.

The next day, when the Dow rebounded, the network's coverage was cut in half. Combined, they gave it five minutes. And they did not call it the Trump rebound.

Remember, this is the way tens of millions get their news. What they were left with was a negative view of the Trump economy. There must be something wrong, if Wall Street lays an egg!

In fact, it was the success of the Trump economy which had started the selling. Wages rising at the best rate in years could produce inflation, so, interest rates went up, and that is often bad news for stocks.

America did not hear that message. And that’s really bad for the country.

It’s been this way since Donald Trump was elected. The stock market has notched up more than 80 record highs. It was good news. Everybody's pension fund was going up nicely—good news indeed. But the broadcast networks ignored it. Three out of four new highs were not reported.

It’s going to be this way for another three years. The media detests this president. What a shame they play with the facts, spin everything anti-Trump. Maybe that’s why people listen to Trump tweets! And that really drives the elite media crazy!