McCain: Trump and Putin Are a Match Made in Heaven

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Senator John McCain discussed why the Russian rocket provision in the spending bill is so bad.

“It gives tens of millions of dollars to Vladimir Putin and his cronies. There’s been various studies from news reports that a lot of this money is going to Vladimir Putin’s cronies, Shell organizations that pick up money--millions along the way and most importantly we should not be dependent on Russia for rocket engines and it is not necessary to continue unrestrained purchases.”

McCain said he would not vote to approve the spending bill.

“I will not vote for it because there’s also by the way two billion dollars-worth of medical bailouts for different medical reason that they have put on defense appropriations where it has no place,” he said.

He criticized President Obama’s lack of strategy on the war on terror.

“I tell you now there will be more attacks on the United States of America unless something dramatically changes. The President does not have a strategy. He does not have a clue,” he said.

He also discussed why Ted Cruz would not get the Presidential nomination.

“I hope that we as Republicans in a fair and honest election would support the nominee of the party, that’s why we’re Republicans, but I can also tell you I don’t not believe that Senator Cruz will be elected Ms. Congeniality at any time soon amongst his Republican Colleagues, much less Democrats.”

When asked whether he saw Putin’s mention of welcoming Donald Trump he said: “[Trump and Putin] that’s a match made in heaven.”