Mark Steyn: Democrats are Doubling-Down on Stupidity

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. Monday, conservative author Mark Steyn discussed former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s efforts to recount votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“Obviously it’s hypocritical. You must get whiplash defending the Democrats in the media because 20 minutes ago it was Trump who was delegitimizing the entire Democratic process in the United States by hinting that there could even be funny business going on. Now the Democrats are part of it,” he said.

The British author and comedian called Stein’s efforts “dangerous,” because it’s not likely she’ll emerge victorious in those states after a recount.

“You’re basically moving us into real banana republic territory where the people cannot express their preference at the ballot box because it will all be finagled with a lot of mumbo jumbo afterwards,” he said.

Steyn also agreed with host Stuart Varney’s stance that identity politics was a losing issue of the last election. He said he believes Trump won the election because people were tired of being treated on the basis of skin color or sexual preferences.

Jill Stein AP FBN

Still, he said the country has a long way to go to move past barriers that still separate the American people.

“Bernie Sanders’ big campaign advisor just said the other day that they don’t need Howard Dean at the DNC because they don’t need a white man.  A day after that Hillary’s super PAC honcho tweeted that Bernie Sanders is a white supremacy. These are the two coolest guys in the Democrat Party and they are just old white dead irrelevant white men,” he said.