Mark Meadows says infrastructure deal will ‘fall apart’

Biden, Democrats push $3.5T spending plan

Donald Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows said he expects infrastructure negotiations to "fall apart" on FOX Business' "Mornings with Maria" Friday. Meadows suggested the unnecessary government spending won't be evenly distributed across the U.S.

MARK MEADOWS: When I was a member of Congress, as you know, we use the leverage of a small caucus to make sure that we kept fiscal restraint and fiscal accountability there. I don't see it working the other way. 

I can tell you a lot of those negotiations happening just two blocks from where I am right now will fall apart, and they need to fall apart. We do not need additional federal spending. We don't need $3.5 trillion, we don't even need $1 trillion of the way that they're going to try to spend it because it will not hit the economy. It's up in the big cities. 

So if you're a rural senator like Manchin and Sinema, that money actually won't get to the roads and infrastructure that we're talking about.