Mack McLarty accuses Washington of failing to govern

The former White House chief of staff for Bill Clinton accused Washington and President Donald Trump of failing to govern.

“That’s the real challenge here,” Mack McLarty said to FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on ‘Mornings with Maria.’ “Washington is not governing, and that’s the challenge we face in this country. It’s not just hurting our country, but the people of our country.”

After the August recess ends, Congress has less than a month to raise the debt ceiling, avoid a federal government shutdown and move forward with the budget, which is also the groundwork for tax reform. And, McLarty said, it remains to be seen whether the Trump administration will pass “true tax reform or just tax cuts.”

“It can get done,” McLarty said. “The debt ceiling is critically important for our country’s credibility and for our financial market.”

A sticking point for Congress could be the U.S.-Mexico border wall, he said.

During a rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, President Trump threatened to shut down the government unless Congress funded the construction of a border wall.

“I think people around the country are disappointed about the Congress not being able to act,” McLarty said. “I mean what this really boils down to is we’ve got to govern. That’s the real challenge here.”