Lt. Col. Shaffer: I was vigorously attacked on another network for defending issues

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FBI director nominee facing confirmation hearings full of obstructionism?

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.), of the London Center for Policy and Research, on the confirmation hearings for FBI director nominee Christopher Wray.

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, during an appearance on FOX Business, said he was criticized for defending his beliefs while appearing on another network.

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“I was on another network yesterday where I was trying to defend and discuss certain issues and I was very vigorously attacked over an emotion,” Shaffer said.

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Shaffer’s assertion came after he was asked whether voters would hold Democrats accountable for obstruction. He said he’s been urging individuals to keep records of things that have held back President Trump’s agenda.

“The fact that you have the other side using emotional issues as their driving force should be a big indicator that they are not the adults in the room,” he said. “The adults in the room should be taking notes, keeping a good log of what’s going on, why the other side is doing this and presenting it to the voters for them to decide again in 2018.

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