Lifetime Republican Burns Registration Card, Leaves GOP

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‘Disenfranchised’ lifelong Republican leaves party

Trump supporter Larry Lindsey discusses why he is leaving the GOP.

Long-time Republican, Larry Lindsey has left the party after he was replaced at the Colorado convention -- allegedly because he’s a Trump supporter.

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In a video posted to YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) Lindsey burns his registration card broadcasting his exit.

“Republican Party take note, I think you’re going to see a whole more of these. I’ve been a Republican all my life but I will never be a Republican again,” he said.

The former Douglas County delegate told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne, although he had missed a meeting for county assembly, he was ‘disenfranchised’ for what he was supposed to represent.

“The GOP caucus as it is currently in place in the state of Colorado is archaic, confusing, and too easily manipulated so that the GOP can get the outcome it desires instead of the outcome that the voter desires,” he said.

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