Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson For Small Gov't and Pot

Former Gov. Gary Johnson plans to play the role of spoiler by putting himself right in the middle of the Republican and Democratic candidates as the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., the former governor of New Mexico expressed the possibility of taking votes away from U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

“Certainly, Bernie and I differ when it comes to economics. We get to a T on the road: He goes one way, I go the other. But on social issues, on the fact that crony capitalism is alive and well, we’re spot on. There is a lot of Libertarian in Bernie Sanders,” Johnson told host Stuart Varney.

Johnson also discussed the inevitability of a full federal legalization of marijuana.

“I think that we are going to legalize marijuana. I am going to predict that Obama going out the door is going to delist marijuana as a class one narcotic which will really be a positive. That will allow for research, development on marijuana – something that currently is not taking place because it is a class one narcotic.”

The 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate says he is for small government and wants to get the federal government out of our lives.

“Libertarian is smaller government. I am the smaller government guy. I think that unintended consequence of big government of higher taxes is not a good thing,” Johnson said.

There are some in the political spectrum that argue a vote for a Libertarian candidate is a wasted vote simply because Gov. Johnson doesn’t have a realistic chance of winning.

“The only chance that I have of winning is to be in the presidential debates and the only way I get in the presidential debates is to be in the polls, something that is currently not taking place. In the polls that I am in, you know what, I am actually polling at a level that if I were continuously in the polls, I believe I would be in the presidential debates and win. ”