Lewandowski accuser speaks out on alleged sexual assault crime

Singer Joy Villa on Thursday explained why she filed the sexual assault claim against former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Villa alleged that she was slapped on the behind by Lewandowski at a party that was held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

“I wasn’t going to come forward with this. When somebody, an eye witness reported this and when I was asked if this was true I wasn’t willing to lie, so I did say yes it’s true- I was going to report it as sexual harassment, but when I talked to the detective, she actually told me it’s a sexual assault, it is a misdemeanor, but it is a crime,” she told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis on "After the Bell."

Villa said that too many people are abusing their positions of power and need to be held accountable for their unlawful actions.

“We see Weinstein who’s gone down from multiple allegations that will probably turn out to be true. We see it with Al Franken who’s had to resign because of this. Powerful people are abusing their positions of power,” she said.

However, the pro-Trump singer is currently facing criticism from a video that emerged of her “slapping” a man’s butt at a party in Las Vegas.

Villa defended her actions that night and how it differed from her sexual assault accusation against Lewandowski.

“The one big difference is when he said stop, he said ‘take it easy’ I stopped. When someone says stop very clearly as I told Corey I said stop, knock it off, I could report you for sexual harassment and I told him it was not okay I looked him in the eye and he looked at me, he laughed [and] he said ‘go ahead I work in the private sector’ and continued to hit me,” she said.