Leon Panetta on how John Kelly can stop the White House leaks

Former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta on Friday explained how Chief of Staff John Kelly can put a halt to the leaks coming out of the oval office.

“The key to preventing leaks is to create a sense of teamwork within the White House, within the staff so that they feel loyalty to the president of the United States. They’ve got to feel loyalty, they’ve got to feel like they’re part of a team. These leaks happen because people are disgruntled; they don’t feel like their voice is being heard,” he told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

Panetta, who was White House chief of staff from 1994 to 1997 for the Clinton administration, described how Kelly can convince White House staffers to be loyal to the president.

“The best way to try to get people to be loyal to that administration is to know that there is merit to the job that they are doing, that they are accomplishing something that’s worthwhile, that is recognized as important to the administration and important to the country. But to do that you have to have people in place, you’ve got to have supervision. You’ve got to have people who are willing to control what’s going on in the various departments and agencies,” he said.

The former CIA director has faith that John Kelly can put the White House “back in order.”

“I like John Kelly a lot. The best thing to know about John Kelly is he is first and foremost a Marine. He’s dedicated his life to public service, committed to whoever is commander in chief. He’s somebody who believes deeply in discipline and a strong chain of command and an orderly process for decision making and doesn’t tolerate chaos,” he said.