'Leftist media' is to blame for inciting violence: Lara Trump

After protests Tuesday night at President Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is speaking out against the “leftist media” for inciting the recent violence.

“I just think the saddest part truly is the role that the leftist media has played, in my opinion. You know, they really are to blame in many people’s opinions for inciting a lot of this violence,” she told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney during an interview on Varney & Co. on Wednesday.  They should take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves ‘are we part of what is going on the country right now?’ And I think a lot of people would say yes.”

The wife of President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, says that the attacks against her family are “personal,” but she says that is the “only card” his critics have to play.

“They’ve been doing that since the very beginning, for over two years now. It hasn’t been like we’ve seen it in the past, it has all been very personal when it comes to my father-in-law, when it comes to my family and I think they know that that’s the only card they have to play because the reality is, the country is getting better,” she said.

She also touted her father-in-law’s ability to create jobs job creation and the low unemployment rate she says since they can’t refute those as facts they can’t refute so the “only option they have is to go after him personally.”

“You know the establishment in Washington D.C. feels very threatened by that. And I say it all the time, when I get these opportunities to speak at these amazing rallies, the more they fight him, the more you know he is doing the right thing."