Leftist judiciary is trying to subvert Trump administration's policies: Dobbs

A few thoughts now on the leftist judiciary that is trying to subvert the Trump administration's policies, Federal Judge William Orrick blocking President Trump's executive order cutting funding to sanctuary cities after a lawsuit brought by San Francisco and Santa Clara.

This isn't the first time the Obama-appointed judge has targeted President Trump's sanctuary city executive order.

Back in April, Judge Orrick put a temporary hold on the order a hold that the Trump administration is challenging in the leftist Ninth Circuit, the most liberal in the country..

Of course, the majority of judges in both the U.S. district court in Northern California and the Ninth Circuit were appointed by Democratic presidents.

But the leftist judiciary extends beyond that. In fact, "The Economist" back in January called the courts quote "Democrats' last refuge."

A Brookings analysis shows that at the end of last year more than 50% of all district court judges were appointed by Democratic presidents, approximately 35% were appointed by Republicans.

That same report shows nine out of 13 circuit courts had a majority of Democratic appointees, compared to just one back in 2008.

But the good news is that President Trump inherited over two times more judicial vacancies than Obama, with 144 vacancies right now, President Trump has a historic opportunity to turn the country's federal courts in a far more balanced, conservative direction.