Left-wing media is up in arms about Trump's potential meeting with Mueller: Dobbs

A few thoughts now as the president's legal team prepares to negotiate a sit-down with special counsel Robert Mueller's team.

Sources tell Fox News that the conversations in early stages, and an interview, written answers or an affidavit from the president may never happen. But let's get real.

Mueller's probe was launched in May, picking up an FBI probe began back in July 2016. There are at least five congressional investigations. And despite all of that, there's no evidence of collusion.

In fact, it appears the only evidence is against Hillary Clinton. The Clinton Foundation received $48 million from foreign governments. Some 85 donors who contributed as much as $156 million to the foundation met with Clinton while she was secretary of state.

And she was participant in the transfer of a fifth of this country's strategic uranium assets. As a result, the Justice Department and FBI now taking a look at the Clinton Foundation and pay-for-play, as well as the Uranium One investigation.

Yet the national Left-wing media up in arms about a possible interview between President Trump and the special counsel, an interview that may never happen and that Mueller hasn't asked for.

I believe it’s well past time to focus on the real evidence of wrongdoing that of the Clintons.