Left to blame for political hostility, Lt. Gen. McInerney says

Fox News military analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney weighed in on the increasingly hostile, partisan political rhetoric in America today, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “We have never seen this in our recent history, probably the last 150 years, maybe goes back to the Civil War.”

McInerney then blamed the left for much of the divisiveness in America today.

“The issue is we must bring this nation back together and the left is elected not to and the hearings you saw yesterday with the Attorney General Sessions…and we’ve seen all week are really bound on nothing. There’s no evidence that there was collusion.”

According to McInerney, the left will eventually have to deal with the political consequences of driving a wedge between Americans instead of being healers

“If the left wing of the Democratic Party, which has control, if they don’t start sending it back I think they are going to get a huge kickback by the American people despite what they think.  And look, I look at former President Obama, I look at Hillary Clinton, they have not been healers and this nation must heal and we must come together.”

Varney asked, “You are implying political blame for this. You are suggesting obliquely that the left should knock it off and change its tune and come together for America. You saying that?”  To which McInerney responded, “I wanted to say it directly, you articulated it better for me Stuart.  I mean directly, that the political left must come back together as a nation.”