Le Pen Visits French Factory, Macron Wins Ally Before Runoff

Macron and Le Pen 2017 RTR FBN

PARIS (AP) — France's presidential candidates are pushing their rival worldviews, as far-right Marine Le Pen calls the euro currency "dead" and centrist Emmanuel Macron visits a Holocaust memorial and calls for political unity.

With a week left before the May 7 runoff, Le Pen paid a surprise visit Sunday to a woodchip factory accused of polluting the Mediterranean Sea.

Le Pen told Le Parisien newspaper that "I think the euro is dead." She offered to allow big companies that operate internationally to continue using the euro while ordinary citizens would use a new franc.

Macron won a new ally with an endorsement from once-prominent centrist Jean-Louis Borloo. Macron called in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper for a new "arch" reaching across left and right to rebuild French politics.