Las Vegas, Puerto Rico could define Trump's presidency: Kennedy

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Trump grappling with two crises in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas

FBN’s Kennedy discusses how President Trump will respond to the ongoing crises in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico -- and how these two tragedies could define his presidency moving forward.

No one said being president was going to be easy, but as President Trump eases into this young week, he is confronted by twin crises that could each define the first part of his term.

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Straddling a natural disaster and an unnatural tragedy, the president is being tested by a series of storms, which he passed with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But how do you solve a problem like Hurricane Maria?

The infrastructure in Puerto Rico has been decimated, and it's politically hostile territory as evidenced by the public feud Trump’s had with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

As FEMA and the army corps of engineers work to restore and resupply the island, the president is now also faced with the screeching gun control debate, which never centers on intent, or mental illness, or the actual causes of horrific tragedies.

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If that psychopath had, God forbid, driven a truck into that crowd and killed 100 people, would we be talking about truck control? Or how trucks cause people to commit unimaginable acts of violence?

No, but using logic in an emotional argument is a no-win in this climate, and don't expect gun control nuts to employ reason and facts anytime soon.

The people of Puerto Rico will rebuild their homes and island in time at great cost. What remains to be seen is how this president navigates the tragedy in Las Vegas to elevate the conversation beyond talking points and really figure out what caused an unstable coward to snap and kill so easily.

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