Larry King: Camaraderie Doesn't Exist Anymore in Washington

As the 2016 presidential race continues to heat up, legendary broadcaster Larry King weighs in on the growing political divide in Washington, D.C.

“Of course politics reflects us, but politicians should lead us, we shouldn’t lead them, and it’s fallen off quite a bit.  People say you get the kind of government you deserve, but there is a lot of good too.  No one wants to hurt America, no one ever went into office saying boy I’m going to do a bad job” King told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

King then discussed how mounting partisan politics is stalling progress in the capital.

“Did you know that Barry Goldwater and John Kennedy were best friends? Best friends. And that doesn’t happen anymore. You don’t have that. You don’t have a Republican senator and a Democratic senator who lunch together.  In fact that camaraderie doesn’t exist anymore, the Congressman comes in on a Tuesday, goes home on a Friday.  Has to run for reelection every two years. I’m thinking there should be term limits. Once you’re elected you’re running to stay in office. And people used to get things done.”

Despite his concerns King appeared optimistic about America’s political future.

“I try to remain hopeful,” King said, “I don’t know what to base the hopes on except that we have a great constitution, we have a government that has survived, we’re still a strong people, I’d still bet on us anytime.”

King also talked about his friendship with former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her passing.

“She was a great friend, a terrific lady, right from the start we hit it off.  She invited me and my daughter years ago to a concert at the White House.  Marvin Hamlish was conducting and we sat with her and the president and we hit it off right away, it was never political, it was just friendship.”

King continued, “I think she was ready to go, she was very frail, she wanted to be back with Ronnie and she believed she was going back to Ronnie.”