Kennedy: The fight over midterm issues has begun

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Trump criticizes Democrats’ Medicare for All plan in op-ed

FBN’s Kennedy discusses President Trump’s op-ed, which blasted the Democratic Party’s Medicare for All plan.

We can't go into the midterms without some good old fashioned fear mongering and mob rule! Democrats have been collectively sharpening pitch forks with calls to action for incivility and even disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder said of Republicans, "When they go low, we kick them." how classy!

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Leave it to the President to home in on dischord for political advantage, writing an op-ed full of dire promises for terrified seniors about the dangers of socialism should Democrats win big in November.

Socialized medicine is full of abhorent unintended consequences such as out of control costs, squashed innovation and limited care that leads to rationing. The President takes it a step further writing of medicare for all, quote:

"The Democrats' plan means that after a life of hard work and sacrifice, seniors would no longer be able to depend on the benefits they were promised."

He was able to turn the corner to immigration tying open borders to the open wound of socialism adding: 

"... Democrats' absolute commitment to end enforcement of our immigration laws by abolishing immigration and customs enforcement. Means millions more would cross our borders illegally and take advantage of health care paid for by American taxpayers."

Listen, socialized medicine is bad enough without fanning the flames of geritol terror. You don't need to sell seniors robot insurance in order to make the case that single payer *anything* is unamerican and anti-freedom, and it's unacceptable when the government is doing the paying.

Of course the motley mothball Bernie Sanders didn't take this red-baiting lightly, responded with:

"...he's trying to frighten seniors and suggest that medicare for all would cut back the benefits they have. The truth is it would expand the benefits that they have. ... His op-ed should not surprise the american people in that it is full of lies."

It would expand the deficit, limit choices and cost considerably more than the generous estimates that already make the plan untenable. But it's good to see Bernie still has some fire in his fedora.

If Republicans hadn't screwed the insurance pooch we wouldn't be having this ridiculous discussion, all that remains to be seen is if they remain in power to fix the broken system they didn't have the balls or brains to tackle when they had the hat trick.