Kennedy: Not everybody gets fired for their comments

How many scalps are enough? There is an addiction to collecting digital scalps and activating a mob to seek the downfall of people who say dumb stuff, especially on twitter.

Roseanne is a comic who has always pushed boundaries and crossed lines, whether it's her punchlines or her politics, and boy did she find the line with her racist ambien rant. After publicly contradicting ABC's president of entertainment about the political thrust of next season's Roseanne, that exec had no problem pulling the plug on the boundary pusher's reboot. Racism is a line, especially when it's blatant and unfunny, and despite her apologies and presidential insertion, the axe still swung and she paid with her head.

Speaking of severed heads, Kathy Griffin also felt unfairly targeted by the pro-trump mob and said the president torched her career with the help of the secret service, so I guess headless presidents are also in the no go zone.

Samantha Bee used the most vile word imaginable in a crude and inartful attempt to get Ivanka Trump to sway her dad's immigration policies leftward, but you don't see as much outrage over her malicious name-calling and she will most likely wait out the storm safely hunkered in the TBS bunker.

So when are words deeds, and when does social media betray your true, ugly intentions? Why do some people get a pass and others get dumped on and permanently tainted with gallons of the crowd's vitriol?

Part of it is the political crouch and the obligation to defend people from the same tribe and *minimize* and rationalize their sins, all while demonizing the other side for the exact same thing.

We may be on different sides of an oozing chasm, but we can't have it both ways. So either lives are ruined and heads will roll, or we develop thicker skin and accept the apologies of dummies even when we despise their words, their deeds and their obvious flaws. The choice is ours, but we *have* to pick a side.