Kennedy: Nancy Pelosi is not the Dems' answer

If Nancy Pelosi is the speaker apparent, she's already doing a piss poor job of wrangling her fractured caucus. Not only are there 2 dozen or so vocal naysayers from radically different camps on record bashing her lowness, now you've got excited loudmouths running around promising everything from subpoenas to impeachment, directly contradticting her majesty's moderation edict.

Fancy Nancy has been leading her party since 2003, and one could argue not very well. As a legislative shepherd she has used her staff as prod and speculum to force through such turkeys like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and the stimuli, and lord only knows what monstrosities she could knit together with another wack as tweaker of the House.

Pelosi is an elitist statist, and her only virtue is her ability to raise money by selling favors to out-of-touch rich people in her native San Francisco. No wonder the diet Communists hate her! The only working man she knows is the guy who fixes her limo, and she doesn't dare rub elbows with that dirty peasant.

Establishment hacks like Pelosi and her frenemy nemesis Steny Hoyer have no business rejoining populists with Socialists, and those are the two groups tearing the party at the seams.

Reps like Tim Ryan, who boldy challenged the lioness in 2016, are still squawking in dissent but they need to actively, unashamedly step up and unseat the ghastly establishmentarian from her fluffy throne before she smothers the party to death with her dirty throw pillows.

The constitution is clear in that the house speaker need not be an elected representative, and only states "the house of representatives shall chuse their speaker and their officers". So go ahead and shoe horn ol' lame blame Hillary in there. As third in line for the presidency it's the closest she'll get to the top job, and she's the one person who's more fun to douse in haterade than no-good Nancy.