Kennedy: Hillary Clinton is without a message or a party

By OpinionFOXBusiness

Hillary Clinton is a woman without a message: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy says that every wing of the Democratic Party despises former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The most visionless Democrat in America is losing her moldy grip on the party that is swiftly moving past her, so mommy pants Hillary Clinton continued her me-boo-hoo tour on CNN with professional tear catcher Christiane Amanpour.

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Hillary's got a lot of baggage, so let's unpack some of it.  1) she's trying to glom onto progressive unrest because she's a woman without a message and every wing of the party despises her and can't wait til this blowhard ball-hog finally takes her cue and gets the hell off the stage. 2) there is no "we". If democrats take back both or either chamber it is *in spite* of her, not because of her. Her loss still breeds resentment, not inspiration. 3) she thinks the only variable here is GOP heavy handedness, and that's because she's too thick to see what's resonating.

The only heavy thing people want is their own wallets. If they get lighter because of some socialist plague people are more politically savvy than ever and will pull the plug on diet communism.

Hillary, in her bottomless well of self pity, dropped this insightful nugget that she should've addressed to herself, but that would require humility and introspection:

Yes dear, you lost the election. That's the point. More than 60 million people voted against you, allowing an unorthodox *charlatan* to win the electoral vote and now he gets to do all the neat stuff that winners do: like pick supreme court justices and take credit for the economy. You just get to be the jaded also-ran who will never again lead the party that you ushered out of power with unparalleled and toxic unlikability.