Kate Steinle murder verdict will make sanctuary cities accountable: Varney

It was not murder. It was not manslaughter. The death of Kate Steinle was judged an accident. The illegal immigrant who fired the gun may be deported. Again, our concern here this morning is not the verdict in the courtroom, but the events that lead to the shooting, and the politics of sanctuary cities.

In March 2015, Jose Zarate was arrested in San Francisco on a charge of selling marijuana.  He had a long criminal record,and he'd been deported before, but he was released, even though immigration officials wanted him detained. San Francisco is a sanctuary city. The feds can't identify and deport illegals.

Four months later Kate Steinle was shot. Jose Zarate fired the gun. Clearly, sanctuary city status lead to the death of that young woman.

Unfortunately, court rulings and leftist politicians have kept sanctuary cities in place. California Gov. Jerry Brown recently made California a sanctuary state. The political and media elites are protecting criminals at the expense of Americans. And if you want reform, you're a racist.

The Steinle case is surely a watershed. It will add momentum to the efforts of the president and the attorney general to roll back sanctuary rules. It will add momentum to the push to build a wall. And, it will make the sanctuary city crowd accountable.

The parents of Kate Steinle are suing the city of San Francisco. Good, it’s about time the victims got justice.