Kasich: We Are At War With Radical Islam

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is not so impressed with President Obama’s handling of the Belgium terrorist attack and told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney he would have handled it differently.

“I would have talked more about the battle against the civilized world. Clearly, I would be coming back home to gather the leaders of the Head of State and put together teams of people to figure out why we have the vulnerabilities in our counter terrorism,” he said.

He also pointed out foreign policy mistakes that make America stronger in the fight against terrorism.

“We see a lot of mistakes made by the administration. The inability of the administration to deal with Assad in Syria bynot supporting the rebels in Assad, the idea that we have red lines that we walk away from. I think the inability to gather a coalition of the civilized world to destroy ISIS and then of course the migrant crisis disaster which has allowed people to flow across these borders without the ability to vet who they are,” he said.

Meanwhile Donald Trump told the FOX Business Network the U.S. should close the borders until the country figures out what’s going on.

Kasich responded, “clearly we have said, the governors have said, we are not going to take refugees from Syria that we cannot properly vet but I don’t know what that means. Close the borders to who? Close the borders to everybody and not let anyone into the United States? That’s just not a workable or wise way to proceed.”

Kasich said he would take an aggressive military stance against ISIS with American troops on the ground and in the air along with a coalition.

“We have been in fact at war with radicals that want to destroy civilization and we have to deal with it in a confident, strong, calm way and take care of business.”