Kasich: I'm The Only Candidate That Can Beat Clinton

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich discussed why he’s looking forward to an open GOP convention.

“The convention is an extension of the political process. Look, we’ve had ten contested conventions, the Republican Party has. And here’s what you’ll find interesting – of the ten conventions that were held, only three times did the frontrunner be picked – in other words, seven out of ten times, they picked somebody other than the person that had the most delegates,” he said.

According to the most recent Fox News poll, the governor holds an 11-point lead against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Kasich says this, coupled with his experience, will lead his path to victory.

“We have two guys running, frankly, [who] don’t have the experience. I have the experience, and I have been articulating it in the last few days in terms of Brussels. I also have the economic experience and you know how slow this economy’s been. I’ve been a person who’s been able to turn economies around working with people to improve, to create jobs, to provide economic security.”

He added, “Remember this – I’m beating Hillary Clinton in every single poll… I’m the only one with the positive ratings so we ought to be focusing on what happens in the fall not just who wins the nomination.”

He also addressed concerns over the GOP potentially losing control of the Senate.

“I’m trying to stick up for the Republican Party. I’m trying to redefine it. Frankly, to define it in the image of the philosophy of people like Reagan or even Teddy Roosevelt – which is balancing budgets, creating economic growth, expanding the playing field, appealing to people who are independents and conservatives,” he said.

When asked whether there’s a chance of being Trump’s running mate if he does not win the Republican nomination, Kasich said: “There is a zero chance I will be anybody’s running mate. I’m the governor of Ohio. If this doesn’t work out I will remain as governor of Ohio.”