Kanye West has bucked the double standard by supporting Trump: Varney

It’s a double standard: the left can insult people. The left can make outrageous statements. Nothing happens.

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It’s different on the right. Conservatives are shut down. At universities, they're not allowed to speak.

Here's an example: sounds trivial, but I think it reflects the lack of political balance. In New York, a judge has ruled that it’s okay for a bar to throw out a patron wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. You know, the bright red Trump hat. Fine with me – it’s your bar. But I have a suspicion that the bar owner would not be allowed to throw out someone wearing a Planned Parenthood T-shirt, or a Hillary hat, if there were such a thing. You get the point. There's a bias, a double standard. It’s always there. It pervades our society.

The Fresno State professor, who grossly insulted Barbara Bush the day after she died. She didn't lose her job. No disciplinary action at all. The college said she was exercising her free speech rights. True, but, suppose things were the other way around, and a conservative professor had insulted former first lady Michelle Obama. Does anyone seriously think that professor would still have a job? Come on – we all know how things work these days.

And that’s the thing isn't it? We have to check ourselves before we speak. What price will we pay for expressing a conservative opinion? It’s like a cloud that suppresses debate.

There is no such prohibition on the left: they can say what they like. And they'll call you names – “you're a deplorable” – to shut you up.

Here's a ray of hope: Kanye West. He says “you can't make me not love Trump.” A rapper openly supports the president! Of course the left has vented its fury on him. Steven Colbert says "he's lost his mind.” Fortunately, Kanye is made of stronger stuff – he's still standing. He's bucked the double standard, and that’s good.