Judicial Watch Reveals The Most Valuable Lesson From Clinton's Email Responses

Hillary Clinton responded “can’t recall” to 21 of 25 questions submitted by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch in a lawsuit over use of her private email server. Director of Research, Chris Farrell, joined the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, to discuss what they learned.

“We got her under oath… and she’s in a very tough spot because her choices, she either purges herself, she makes admissions against her own interests or she develops this very convenient case of amnesia,” he said.

Farrell also claims to have found inconsistencies in the answers that were submitted.

“She was interviewed by the FBI, she made official statements to them, so she’s really boxed in. The only thing left for her as a Yale Law School graduate is to claim this sudden and temporary amnesia. However inconsistently, because in one portion of the responses she says she does remember that Colin Powell talked to her about e-mail but then she claims she doesn’t remember any other conversations.”

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Furthermore, Farrell said the most valuable takeaway is that “she’s now documented as being extraordinarily dishonest.”

“The lesson, the educational point for the American public is that she has now been less than forthcoming all the way up to outright lying under oath to the American public,” he said.