Judicial Watch Pres.: Clinton Broke Promise to Keep Line Between Foundation, State Dept.

As the 2016 presidential race nears, questions and concerns surrounding the Clinton Foundation are still proving to be an issue.

According to The Associated Press, more than half of the people not associated with government who met with Clinton while she was Secretary of State gave money to the Clinton Foundation.

“I don’t know how you can conclude anything other than that you had a special in with the Clinton State Department if you were a donor to the Clinton Foundation,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group. “We warned President Obama about this. In fact, President Obama was worried about this issue and the Senate Democrats were and Senate Republicans were even before she was confirmed. That’s why she promised to keep this bright line between the Foundation and the State Department. And it’s a promise broken every which way she could.”

Fitton, who stated he wasn’t saying these actions were “necessarily a crime,” added:

“In the case most recently, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, a multi-million dollar partner of the Foundation’s enterprises, was seeking to get a meeting with Mrs. Clinton through the Foundation because they weren’t able to get it through official channels. The foreign policy at the State Department in that case was outsourced to the Clinton Foundation.”

A federal court recently ordered Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to answer questions, under oath, from Judicial Watch, regarding her email scandal.

“Those interrogatories, as the lawyers call them, are going to be produced by Judicial Watch over the next few weeks and given to Mrs. Clinton. And she’ll have 30 days to respond, so we hope to get a response pretty soon,” Fitton said.