Judge Nap: FBI Will Sink Teeth Into 2nd Wave of Clinton Fdn. Investigations

During her speech at the Republican National Convention, on Tuesday, RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day criticized the Clinton Foundation over donations. This raises the question; Is the Clinton slush fund being run legally?

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney to discuss.

“The charge that the money came from foreign governments that enslave women and gays and minorities is actually among the lesser of the charges here. The gravest of them is Mrs. Clinton, while Secretary of State, used the official powers of her office to confer benefits on foreign governments and foreign persons who then made major contributions in turn for those benefits to the foundation,” he said.

Judge Napolitano said he believes the FBI will soon “sink its teeth” into a second wave of investigations.

He also questioned the Foundation’s best practices.

“They have their closest friends on the board. Bill is getting paid huge amounts of money for very little work in return… and she [Hillary Clinton] will somehow have to answer for it,” he said.

Judge Napolitano said the Clinton Foundation could also face lawsuits for soliciting charitable donations.

“One of the worse things they did was solicit charitable donations in venues where they were not authorized or registered as a charity. So theoretically, the people who made those donations [and] deducted that from their adjusted gross income are entitled to sue for their donation back,” he said.