John Kerry’s secret talks with Iran undermine President Trump: Kennedy

John Kerry is a lurker. He failed to win the presidency, made the world less safe as our chief diplomat, and now he's trying to save his long face by sneaking around talking to Iran. No one in the Trump administration views John Kerry as a diplomatic savior, but he admitted to Dana Perino and Hugh Hewitt he's been playing footsie with his one-time Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, obviously trying to save a bad deal crafted by summit-feverish, narcissistic blowhards like him.

There are so many problems with the Iran deal: It sunsets in seven years when that make-America-die-again theocracy would get to sprint toward full nuclear armament. The deal is vague where it should be clear, soft where it requires turgidity, and so full of holes it could double as a piccolo in the marching band.

President Trump is right to be skeptical of the whole thing which was obviously a flat exercise in building President Obama’s legacy, and now John Kerry is forcing himself on a process that is clearly rebuffing his clumsy advances.

I grew up with a troubled kid who put a siren on his bicycle and claimed to be a junior officer on the police force, and John Kerry is the exact same way. Deluded into thinking he's still secretary of state, creeping around the Middle East, squirting his tepid ideas like so much moldy ketchup at a barbecue he wasn't invited to. People are up in arms Paul Manafort was lurking around former Soviet states lining his pockets in undisclosed adventures, but what John Kerry is doing is far worse if he's undermining the president, and ultimately the country, by trying to preserve his good name with bad decisions he's all too eager to repeat.