John Jordan’s Take on Campaign Cash, Presidential Race

As the presidential race heats up ahead of the summer conventions, fundraising for the remaining candidates continues to factor into the strength of their respective campaigns.

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John Jordan, the CEO of Jordan Winery and a Republican donor, told the FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman he is keeping close tabs on these war chests.

“It’s important to see the cash on hand number,” he said. “Two, the importance of money in politics, in terms of buying air time, which is where a huge percentage of political money goes, really isn’t as important as it used to be.”

The vintner said the burn rate of a campaign is also an important number to monitor, as is the cost of how these presidential candidates are marketing themselves.

“Earned media, which is basically free media—social media and so forth—which Donald Trump has proved so adept at, has proven to be dominant to this election cycle.”

Jordan, who said he voted for Donald Trump in California’s primary on Monday, weighed in on the presumptive GOP nominee’s recent controversial remarks about the Mexican-American judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit.

“This whole incident has been completely unfortunate,” Jordan said. “It’s offensive to a lot of people, myself included. But most importantly, in the context of this race, it has taken Trump off message… It’s taken him off of winning messages and got him on defense. And it’s a wasted week and a wasted opportunity for Mr. Trump.”

Late Tuesday, the Trump campaign issued a statement saying his comments surrounding the judge and Trump University were “misconstrued”.